Birthday Layout using the Memory MISTI!

Hello Scrappers!

We’re hooked on using our Memory Misti to make our own background papers for our layouts! We used our 12×12 Misti and a balloon stamp to create a birthday rainbow!
Here’s the layout!


Here’s how I made it!
I placed a 12×12 sheet of white cardstock in my Memory Misti. I thought balloons would be a great stamp for a birthday layout. This stamp is by Forever in Time.
Starting in the top right corner, I drew a very light pencil line to the bottom left corner. This way I knew that on one side of the line I needed to stamp pink, orange and yellow. On the other side would be green, blue purple.
In the top left corner I started stamping the balloon in pink, then orange.
The Misti, leaves a bit of room to stamp around the edge of your paper, which makes it super easy to stamp off the edge a bit.
I continued down the page, changing colours as needed.
Once I reached my pencil line, I erased it, and knew it was time to start the green balloons.
I needed to rotate my cardstock in order to have more room at the edge for the stamp to stick to the Misti. There is a bit more give along the hinge side of the Misti, so I rotated toward that side.
Before long, the entire page had been stamped in rainbow balloons!
I trimmed 1 inch off of each edge, and cut the cardstock into 4 equal sized squares.
I chose a sheet of navy blue cardstock for the background, so it would really make the bright colours pop. The frame still seemed a bit unfinished, so I grabbed the twine to create a border.
I marked the corners using a pencil. Using a hole punch, I punched holes to thread the twine through. I ran the twine through the holes, and taped it to the back of the layout. I’ll cover the holes later with an enamel dot.
The finished border:
I adhered the balloon stamped cardstock squares to the background, and added a photo and title. I used adhesive rainbow enamel dots to cover the holes from the twine.
Here’s the finished layout again!
Layouts that include a lot of stamping are definitely a labour of love, but so worth it in the end!
Thanks for looking!

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