DIY (adorable!) Anti-static bag

Hello crafters!

I’ve been seeing diy anti-static bags floating around Pinterest and other online forums. They’re great when embossing for keeping your embossing powder exactly where you want it!

We set out to make some, but wanted to put our own spin on it. My daughter had a pair of thin children’s tights, really cute ones with coloured stars on them. After 1 use (all mothers have been there!), They got a hole in them, and those little hands just couldn’t help but stretch it out until the tights were all but ruined.

Instead of tossing them in the trash, I thought how adorable they would be as my new diy anti-static bag!


We followed this tutorial from Linda Israel

With one slight change, we had 2 adorable anti-static bags of our own.

Children’s tights tend to be made a tad thicker than adult ones. Women’s panty hose are fairly thin, so as the tutorial states, you wrap them around the cornstarch/baby powder 3 times. When we did this with the childrens pair, they were so thick that not only did they not release any powder, they actually created more static by rubbing the tights on the paper. We undid them by one layer and they worked perfectly!

Here’s what you need to make your own: Children’s tights, empty glass and cornstarch (or baby powder)



Click the link above to be taken to the tutorial and share photos of your own diy anti-static bag in the comments!

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