Doodlebug Shaker Bookmark

I am so excited to be sharing this project with you!

I love the bright colours of Doodlebug’s Under the Sea collection! It’s so fun! I wanted to make a bookmark using this paper, and thought….why not go one further and make it a shaker bookmark!


Here’s what you need to make this bookmark:

  • Doodlebug Designs ‘Under the Sea’ collection 6×6 paper
  • Doodlebug Designs ‘Under the Sea’ collection 6×12 icon sticker sheet
  • 8×8 clear scrapbooking page sleeve
  • Fuse tool with fuse tip and cut tip
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Shaker elements
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors

Cut a strip of your favourite sheet of cardstock from the collection at 6″ x 1.5″. Decorate it with your favourite stickers from the collection. Using a hole punch, punch a small hole approx. 1 cm below the top of the bookmark.

Place strip of paper in the corner of the inside of the photo sleeve. Using your pre-heated Fuse tool with fuse tip and ruler, run the tip along the long side of the paper, close to the edge.


Run the Fuse right up to the top of the plastic sleeve.

Using your scissors, trim the excess sleeve away from the side of the bookmark, again, leaving a few cm on the top.

Fill the sleeve with your shaker elements. We used Queen & co Sequin Toppings. The bright colours matched so well!

Once you have filled the bookmark with your shakers, you can use your Fuse to close up the top and trim off the excess.

Switch your Fuse tip from fuse to cut (make sure you let it cool completely before trying to remove it, it’s hot!). With your heated cut tip, run it around the inside of the hole punch, it will cut away at the plastic in the center.

Thread your ribbon or twine through the hole to create your tassel.

Give it a shake! You’re done!

Enjoy this bookmark next time you’re curled up with your favourite book.



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