Hello crafters!

Today I’m bringing you a fun Halloween door hanging! I picked up this hanging ‘BOO’ sign from Michaels:


It’s such an adorable sign, and the ribbons that are holding the letters together easily untie so you can work on the letters individually.

Since we just received Doodlebug Boos & Brews collection in the store, I had to use it for this project! Here it is:



To start, I untied each letter so I could work on each one by itself. I picked 3 of my favourite papers from the collection and flipped them upside down. I traced each letter onto the back of the paper (so you wouldn’t see pencil lines on the front), and cut them out.

*Each letter should be placed front side down onto the back of the paper, so you don’t cut the letters out backwards!

I traced the inside of the letters as well, I had to connect the lines as best as I could around the spider webs. I used an exacto knife to cut the inside of the letters out.

To adhere the paper to the front of the letters, I simply used white glue spread on with a paintbrush. As I lay the paper down on the letters, I scraped gently with a credit card to ensure no air bubbles were getting trapped.

I then used the same paintbrush to gently glue a thin border around each letter, and sprinkled purple glitter on top. I did this part in small sections so the glue didn’t dry before I could get the glitter on. I let that dry for a few hours.

I used the Boos & Brews odds and ends to decorate the letters. My favourite one was the ghost, so I hid him behind the ‘O’ peeking out.


I chose a few other odds & ends, and placed them around the letters. I threaded the ribbon back through the holes and tied it up.

I have this project hanging on my front door and I love seeing it every time I come home!


Thanks for looking!



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