PhotoPlay Birthday Girl Layout

Photo Play has such bright collections and the birthday girl collection is no exception!

I just love the bright pinks and yellows! Some of the patterns are quite busy in this collection, so I didn’t want to use an entire sheet in one layout, out of fear it would be too distracting.


I cut triangles from a few of the different patterns and matted them with a light yellow that matched the collection. This allowed the patterns to stand out on their own, without clashing with each other too much.

I also used yellow mats for the photos. I arranged the triangles around the photo mats, and cut a title on my Cricut Explore.

There are small amounts of orange and green on the patterned paper as well, so I chose sequins that would bring out some of that colour. I love the look of scattered sequins, just like confetti at a birthday party!

This layout came together quick and I love how the bright colours really stand out.

Tell us in the comments how you use very busy patterns in your layout!



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