Lawn Fawn Tiny Gift Box Advent Calendar

I had a lot of questions regarding the tiny gift box from Lawn Fawn, “what can I use this for?” “What are these?”  I decided  to make Lawn Fawn’s  adorable advent calendar from them.   It was so easy and fun.
The die will fit on a 6×6 paper.  I used Lawn Fawn’s Christmas plaid collection.  You will need 25 sheets as each box will use one sheet, however, you will have some scraps left.  I will show you what to do with those  in my next blog.

Cut 25 boxes out of 6×6 paper, and assemble.

Next, die cut 25 circles with the stitched circle die included in the package.  There are also other embellishments in the package.  You can decorate your calendar with them if you want.  There is a really cute bow die cut.

Next die cut 25 circles in white, I will explain why later (optional).

Using the Calendar countdown stamp stamp your numbers on to your circles. lawn-fawn-advent-calendar-21.jpg


Using a piece of tape, it does not have to be double sided, place 6 boxes top down in a row, flip it up and make a circle.lawn-fawn-advent-calendar-1.jpg

Do the above to all the layers and adhere them with double sided tape( not foam tape). lawn-fawn-advent-calendar-3.jpg

Attach your stamped circles.  Use foam tape to make them pop a bit.  If you cut 25 white circles, put the foam tape on the white circle and then add the numbered circle. (basically make a sandwich with the two circles).

Decorate it any way you lawn fawn



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