Have you ever really thought about why you scrapbook?  Is it to preserve your memories, or is it because you love to craft and be creative or is it both? I only actually started scrapbooking about 4-5 years ago. I can’t even remember how I got started, sheesh, I should have scrapbooked it, lol.  I instantly fell  in love with it. I am not a very crafty person in the sense that I cannot draw anything greater than a stickman nor can I paint a beautiful picture, but with scrapbooking I just “got it”.  It doesn’t have to look a certain  way  or represent anything other than what I am feeling. I have often  read how  people feel their  layouts aren’t as good as others or they don’t want to share their pages because they feel they don’t measure up to others’ layouts.  In my travels, I have seen scrapbookers post one picture, frame it with a mat, add a title, and that was it because that was the memory they wanted to preserve. I have  also seen some scrapbookers make beautiful and elaborate pages around a memory they wanted to preserve; this is their way of creating and preserving their memories. That is what scrapbooking is about, it is hanging on to the memory that a certain picture or momento brings;  there is no “right way” to scrapbook. 

I quickly realized as I started to scrapbook that I really didn’t take a lot of pictures or videos of my first son while  he was growing up.  I was a young single mother and I couldn’t afford a video camera.  I  recently have asked all of my relatives if I could see all the videos they took of family get togethers and I have compiled as many videos as I can.  I didn’t take many still pictures either. I never really thought about the importance of preserving those memories at the time. Now looking back as my son is grown I really regret not having more pictures of him.  This has really made me realize how important it is to preserve my memories.  This is WHY I scrapbook. Now I am the crazy camera lady who has to take pictures of everything, causing my children to hide in embarrassment a few times I’m sure, lol. Now I have too many pictures, which is a whole other blog post on how to deal with those. 

My mother recently passed away and we went through boxes and boxes of her belongings and realized she kept everything.  I used to think she collected so much “junk” and remember asking her on several occasions why she didn’t just throw it all out. She would always just tell me she wanted to keep it.  I am very grateful  now  as I  have so many memories restored that I would never have remembered if  she had thrown away all that “junk”. As we get older we start to forget things, sometimes simply due to old age and unfortunately other times due to disease or illness.  I think if we preserve memories through photos we will always have those memories because at some point our memories is all we are going to have. 


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